#9, #49 and #131 Bodiam Castle
Sussex, England
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Bodiam Castle was begun in 1385 by Sir Edward Dalyngrigge. Born about 1346, Dalyngrigge spent his early adult life fighting in France with King Edward III, who had initiated the Hundred Years War in the 1330s when he laid claim to the French throne. Dalyngrigge returned to England in 1377 a wealthy man, and was made Knight of the Shire of Sussex in 1379. He married into the estate of Bodiam, and with the threat of an invasion from France continuing, King Richard II granted him license to crenellate Bodiam manor. Dalyngrigge instead chose to build a new castle in the middle of a rectangular spring-fed pond on the estate (which incidently was not even close to the English channel).
The water gave the new castle a wide moat and made it look larger and more formidible. Bodiam, completed in 1390, was a real fortress on the order of Edward I's famed Welsh castles, but it was also a charming residence. Needless to say, the French never materialized. During the War of the Roses in 1483-4, a seige by Richard III was aborted by a quick surrender. When a Cromwellian army threatened to bombard Bodiam in the Civil Wars of 1642-6, the garrison again immediately surrendered. The castle was sold to pay Parliamentary fines and dismantled. The castle deteriorated until John Fuller did some restoration. Lord Curzon, Viceroy of India, rescued her again in 1917 and did much more restoration beofre donating Bodiam to the National Trust in 1925.

Photos of the Lego Models
Built November 1986 & March 1993
Early Version
Built Nov 1986
North View
North Northeast View
Southwest view West View


Photos of the Lego Model
under construction early February 2011
(for BrickWorld 2011 in Chicago, of course!)
My third build of this classic castle
began on February 6, 2011. Here's
the layout at 48 hours.
For the first time having built
quite a number of "water
castles" I'm using trans-dark
blue tiles to simulate water!
By February 11 about 2/3 of the
courtyard is finished...
...along with the layout
of the Great Hall which
I intend to leave open.
On the morning of February 15 the
courtyard is complete...
...as is the main entrance
passage. Note the horses
have torn up the grass
to and from the stable.
On March 12 (following 2 weeks
vacation in Florida [lovely]) it's
back to work on the castle...
Especially on the Great Hall,
which will be open for public
view in the finished model.
Four rooms are to be lighted:
the Great Hall, butler's pantry
and the chapel.
Here's the other view of the
Great Hall, with torches
and tapestries. The banquet
table is a work in progress.
And an early view of the
servants dining hall.
The view is looking in
from the postern door
into the Great Hall. The
4th lit room is the
postern guardroom.
By March 18 more work has been...
done on the courtyard walls of the... residential range, while I await... additional "jumpers" for windows.
Building the end of March has been...
mainly on the gatehouse and the... four corner towers. Almost ready... for the wallwalk and roofs!
The front view on April 5.
The west, southwest and south
towers are basically complete...
except for the tops of the
stair turrets.
The southwest tower contains
the dovecot, the castle's daily
source of eggs, and maybe


Photos of the Lego Model
Built February to June, 2011
(with the barbican added in late July)
Early Version
Built Nov 1986
North View
North Northeast View
North Northeast View
Southwest view
West View
Southwest view
West View
Early Version
Built Nov 1986
North View
North Northeast View
North Northeast View
Southwest view
West View
Southwest view


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