#112 Balvaird Castle
Perthshire, Scotland
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The current castle was built in 1500 by Sir Andrew Murray, a member of the Murray family of Tullibardine. Sir Andrew acquired the property as part of the dowry that came with his new wife, Margaret Barclay. There are remnants of the original Barclay castle in the massive L-plan keep. The ranges of buildings were somewhat later, with the gatehouse range built in 1567. The Murray family lived in the castle with its courtyard and orchard until in 1658 the family was made Viscounts Stormont and Earls of Mansfield - they moved to even finer digs at Scone Palace but still retain the property. Despite the protective bawn wall, battlements and gunports, I can find no evidence of violence at Balvaird. The castle is in the protective care of Historic Scotland and is remote enough to allow for a relaxed exploration without lots of other tourists!


Drawing of the castle Plan of the castle


Photos of the Lego Model
Built November 2006
North View with gate
The stairtower of the gate-
house range is appreciated
The East View shows the gatehouse
range nicely
From the SSE with the
courtyard and bawn wall
The massive keep with
its stair tower
From the SSW the full
castle is seen
The keep and kitchen range
The keep from the NNW


Build Your Own
Lego Plan
North Elevation South Elevation East Elevation

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