#96 Ballinafad Castle
Ballinafad, County Sligo, Ireland
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Ballinafad Castle would have been one of many "slam on the brakes" castles we encountered during our trip to Ireland in June 2003 were it not for the fact that we saw the castle in a meadow above the N4 between Collooney and Boyle quite a ways off. The castle is not mentioned in any of my four books of Irish castles, though the fortress rates a nice paragraph in Plantagenet Somerset Fry's Castles of Britain and Ireland. Also known as "The Castle of the Curlews" due to its strategic location on a pass through the Curlew Mountains near the southern border of County Sligo, the castle is a rectangular keep with a massive round tower at each corner, the turrets one story higher than the central keep. Beal-an-atha-afad (the mouth of the long ford) was built by Captain John St. Barbe on lands granted to him by King James I. Following the battle at the site between the forces of Red Hugh O'Donnell and the English in 1599, life for Captain St. Barbe went well until his death in 1628. The new owner, Henry Fletcher, and his ten wardens were forced to surrender the castle during the Irish insurrection of 1641, when their water ran out (despite a stream less than 50 meters to the east). Cromwellian forces retook the castle in 1652, and after occupation by the Healys and McDermotts, the castle gradually decayed. She is a pretty and poignant ruin.


Similar Castle Plans
Note: I cannot find a plan for Ballinafad. Carlow, Lea, Ferns and
others are earlier and larger castles with the same basic layout.
Carlow Castle plan Lea Castle plan


Photos of the Lego Model
Built May 2004
Northwest View with
general view
Your approach to the
castle: friend or foe?
Another view of the front.
No outerworks have been found.
The Southeast View
with probable staircase.
The Northeast View
with garderobes.
The carriage is fit for a constable
if not a king or queen.
Here's the battlement
and roof view.


Build Your Own
Top down plan showing
steps, chimneys, etc.
Front elevation

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