#98 Auchans Castle
Ayrshire, Scotland
15th century
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Auchans Castle was one of the most pleasant castle surprises of our Scotland vacation in 2000. We were chatting with the gentleman at the desk in the tiny shop at the massive ruin of Dundonald Castle. He mentioned there was a nice castle ruin called Auchans just 1/2 mile down the A759. "Hawkins?" I inquired, assuming he was droppings an H. "No" he corrected. "Auchans". Martin Coventry's 3rd edition of The Castles of Scotland describes the castle as being located "on minor road". The castle is actually on a minimal road or more likely a long narrow overgrown driveway you'd never notice without directions. Auchans is a 15th century L-plan tower with a square stair tower at the re-entrant angle. The castle has seen several additions, but is now floorless and fairly ruinous.
Auchans was a property of the Wallace family, but the properties were sold by the Wallaces to the Cochranes of Coldoun. Though Sir William Cochrane suffered during most of the Civil War for supporting the Royalists, he was rewarded by being made Earl of Dundonald in 1669. He altered and enlarged the castle using stone from Dundonald Castle which he partially demolished. The property passed to the Montgomery Earls of Eglinton, and was the home of Susanna Kennedy of Culzean, the widow of the 9th Earl. This renowned beauty died in 1780 at age 91, though tradition says she trained rats in her old age to dine with her. The castle was divided into workers flats and eventually fell into complete disrepair.

Restoration Drawing Plans of the Castle


Photos of the Lego Model
Built September, 2004
I was commissioned in the Spring of 2004 to create a Christmas-theme castle
for the Guild of the Millikin-Decatur Symphony Orchestra's "Symphony of Trees",
an annual gala featuring many decorated trees and wreaths, some of which are
auctioned to raise money to support the orchestra. Auchans was the first castle I
modelled for that project. It featured a winter day with snow on the ground and trees, children
building a snowman and the arrival of Father Christmas in his traditional green robes.
When the date became 1675, a red robed Saint Nicholas was eventually substituted.
The Guild members in charge of the Festival were delighted with the castle. I then
modelled Castle Campbell, also in Scotland [which see]. My plan was for them to pick their
favorite. When the Guild came to see the castles on November 16, they decided they
really wanted both - naturally I was thrilled. For the Symphony of Trees newspaper
articles, please see the Castle Campbell page.
Northwest View Northeast View Southwest View
Southeast View
The 6-story tower is
a wonderful feature
Father Christmas
arrives at Auchans


Build Your Own
Lego Plan
East Elevation
North Elevation
West Elevation

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