#58 The Keep of Appleby Castle
Westmoreland, England
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The castle of Appleby in the Eden Valley of Cumbria probably began shortly after the capture of most of Westmoreland by William II from the Scots in 1092. The fortress, initially a motte and bailey castle, was recaptured, along with nearby Brough Castle, by the Scots in 1136, but was regained by the English just 21 years later. It was probably the new owner Huge de Morville who built the powerful square keep at Appleby in the next several years. Despite the new donjon, the castle fell again to the Scots without a fight in 1179. Confisticated several times by the crown, the castle was granted to the Cliffords in 1269 and was basically in that family's hands for the next 400 years. The 17th century mansion within the bailey was built by the Earl of Thanet, grandson of the famed Lady Anne Clifford of Westmoreland. The 25 acres of grounds and the Keep are open to the public - the view from the battlements of the Keep is outstanding.


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