#41 & #101 Amisfield Tower
Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland
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Amisfield Tower was built around 1600 in Dumphriesshire in the south of Scotland. It was built by the Charteris family, a Norman family who arrived in Scotland with William the Conqueror. The family was granted the lands by the king of Scotland in 1166. This tower displays the Scottish Baronial style of castle building at its finest, with a plethora of corbelled gables, turrets, dormers and cap-houses piled atop a plain, almost square tower to a height of 70 feet! This castle is privately owned and not open to the public. The Charteris family sold the castle in 1904, but the 20th and 21st generations of the family still reside in the village of Amisfield. To the right is a picture of the castle from a different angle taken by me during our trip to Scotland in August 2000. The castle is on narrow backroads and would have been very difficult to find without the help of a schoolboy on his way home!


Plans, Elevations & Cross-sections
Floor Plans
South & North Elevations
Cross-sections (see plans for axes)


Photos of the Lego Model
Built December 1992


Photos of the Lego Model
Built February 2005
This rebuild was made more difficult because my new plans (thanks
to Bill Anjo, a wonderful teacher in Ontario, Canada) made me
wonder about Lego colors for this colorful castle. But sadly Lego
hasn't matched new colors with every shape -- so here's this
incredible tower in original dark gray with black roofs. Enjoy!!


Build Your Own
Top Down & Elevations
1992 Model
Rest of Elevations
1992 Model
South Elevation
2005 Model
East Elevation
2005 Model
North Elevation
2005 Model

Other Amisfield pages:
http://www.deplazes.arch.ethz.ch/downloads/publikationen/dokumentation/01_Turmhaeu ser_A3.pdf

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