#12 Allington Castle
Kent, England
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Allington was originally built in 1281 when Edward I gave Stephen of Penchester a license to crenellate (fortify) his residence. It is a quadrangular castle with square and round towers at the corners and mid-wall. Tudor alterations by the Wyatts in the fifteenth century proved for naught since, despite never being attacked, the castle was ravaged by fire in 1600. Fit only for use as a farmhouse, Allington underwent a wonderful restoration by Sir Martin Conway in the 20th century, only to be purchased by the Carmelite Fathers in 1951. Despite not being open to the public, the castle was featured in a 1965 episode of the Avengers called "Castle De'ath", and was the setting for the short lived television series "Covington Cross" with Ione Skye. The castle is apparently for sale!

Cast of TV series
"Covington Cross"


Photos of the Lego Model
Built July 1987
View from right side
View from front


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