#70 Affleck Castle
Tayside, Scotland
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Affleck Tower is an L-plan tower that is fairly plain on the outside, and well-designed as a defensive castle. It has a pair of battlemented cap-houses and gun-ports on the lower levels, but the interior is four/five stories of fine living in the tower and "L" respectively.

The castle was built about 1460 near Dundee in Tayside, probably by the Auchinleks, who were the hereditary armour-bearers to the powerful Clan Lindsay, the Earls of Balcarres. The castle is kept up beautifully, but is no longer open to the public due to the inconsiderate behavior of some past visitors.

Photos of the Lego Model
Built Aug 1999
Eastnortheast View

North View
Northnortheast View
Southeast View
Southsoutheast View

Westsouthwest View
Roundel Closeup
Parapet Closeup

Build Your Own
Top Down
North View
East View
South View
West View

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