#91 Il Castello di AdranÚ
AdranÚ, Catania, Sicily, Italy
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AdranÚ Castle was built by the Norman Count Ruggiero [Roger] I in 1070 in this important town in Eastern Sicily at the foot of Mount ∆tna. The town was called Adranon by its founder Dionysius the Elder in 400 BCE, was an important military crossroads captured by the Romans and renamed Hadranum in the First Punic War, flourished as Adornu under the Arabs, and has been an important commercial center for olives and citrus fruit as AdernÚ until it got it's current name in 1929. The imposing keep with four sloping curtain towers was later occupied by the powerful Scalfani, Moncada and Peralta families and various alterations were made in the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries. The donjon barely survived the severe earthquake of 1693, and was very lucky to have not been seriously damaged in the fierce fighting in the town in World War II. It houses the famous Chapel of Contessa Adelasia, and is now a regional archeological museum.
Excellent views of the imposing tower and neighboring relics.


Second Floor Plan A "squatty" drawing of AdranÚ Another drawing


Photos of the Lego Model
Under Construction in late April 2003
An unusual rectangular
...with unique corner towers. Construction of the actual
keep begins.
More to come...


Photos of the Lego Model
April 2003
Note the windows lighting the
stair up from the keep's door.
Windowns of many
sizes and shapes.
The back of the castle.
This ground level view shows
both entrance and postern.
The entrance stair was
easy to guard.
My first attempt at embrasures
protecting the crenels.

Build Your Own Lego Castle
Top Down Lego Plan
Front elevation with
gate and steps to curtain.
Elevation with door into
donjon and a postern.
Back side of the tower
and curtain wall.
End elevation with
another exit!?


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