#163 Abbot's Tower
Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland
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Abbot's Tower is a small L-plan tower house consisting of four stories and a windowless garret.  The stair tower is topped with a caphouse, and a stair-turret in the re-entrant angle connects the second through fourth levels.  The tower was built about 1580 by John Broun, the next to last abbot of nearby Sweetheart Abbey, possibly using stone from that Abbey, which was about to be confiscated by the Crown.  There are round bartizans at the opposite corners.  The mostly remnant barmkin dates back to an earlier pele of 1541, built by John's father, Cuthbert, whose brother was also abbot at that time.  The Brouns allied themselves with the Maxwells and the Counter Reformation, thus falling out of favor and into debt.  The estate was sold in1627 and fell into disrepair.  A 15 year restoration project began in 1990.  The castle and grounds were for sale in 2012 for 625,000 (currently US$845,000.)  I have no idea what it actually sold for.


Plans, Elevations & Cross-sections
Ground Floor
First Floor
Second Floor
Third Floor
Garrett & Cap House


Photos of the Lego Model
under construction
On December 31 construction
begins.  I anticipate a fun project!
By January 2 I've placed 3 orders for
dark tan elements I don't have or have
run out of... More in a couple of days!
Some Lego has arrived, so
on January 6 work on the
tower resumes - for a day...

Abbot's Tower is as cute in
Lego as it is in real life!
Finally on  January 19 the
necessary Lego arrives...
...and the tower moves
upward, closer to the
level of the roofline.

A bit more work got
done in January 22.
Hopefully ready to roof
in the next couple of days!


Photos of the Lego Model
Built December 2017 -January 2018
This build was difficult because for design on due to the lack of elements of the desired
colors being available from Lego.  I hoped to use "medium dark flesh" [Lego's "dark nougat"]
for the quoins, etc. by ended up settling for "dark tan", and even then it was a difficult
build.  But then, if there are no challenges, where's the fun?
The view of the finished
castle from the north
Northeast View
East View
Southeast View
South View
The southwest view high-
lights the relation of main
block roof to caphouse
West View
Northwest View
Detail of the bartizan and
stair turret windows


Build Your Own
Rough Ground & Third Floor Plans
Northwest Elevation Northeast Elevation Southeast Elevation Southwest Elevation

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